Monday, 24 February 2014


I am back again :-). I have been looking forward to sharing Yuliya's amazing work with you all. I wrote about her HERE. I had fun learning about her and her amazing art, and I hope you find it all equally inspiring. Enjoy.

This, in my opinion, is an awesome piece. The ways she played with shapes and texture using only minimal colour combination is creative.

Even more fun is that you can wear it upside down!!!

I have an unusual fear of reptiles, even plastic ones, but I can see myself wearing this piece. Again I like the minimal use of colour, texture and form, especially because it stands out regardless.

This focal stone is so awesome, and I like how she used very few colours on this piece, so as not to take away from its beauty. At the same time, if you look away from the focal piece, you will notice that the mono-coloured part is not in the least boring. Genius!
Again, another reptile I will so willingly wear. Kind of reminds me of Eve and the forbidden fruit, don't you think?
I guess I don't need to point out that this lady loves nature, and what inspirations she has gotten from GAIA too! This is lovely and mellow.
Again, another focal piece that is being celebrated. It makes me want to suggest to Yuliya to seriously consider entering a beading contest. She knows her craft and certainly has something to offer, don't you agree?

And again, meet the ARTIST behind these amazingly beautiful creations. Find her on FACEBOOK to place a custom order, or simply befriend her and enjoy the chronicles of her creativity. It was a pure delight to work with Yuliya and I certainly am looking forward to working with her in the future.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


I am excited to introduce to you all, the amazingly talented Artist, YULIYA ROITBOURD. It was a delight to work with Yuliya on this project. Below is sharing some words from the Artist herself. Enjoy.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Yuliya (Julia) and I'm from Israel

How long have you been practicing your art?

It has been 7 years now.

Is this (beading) the only form of art you do or are there more?
No, beading is not the only kind of art that I do, I love to sew, knit and weave macrame as well.

When did you decide to work in this particular (beading) media?

I decided on beading because I wanted to learn something new.

What made you decide to?

I saw on the internet beautiful jewelry from beads and then one of my neighbor showed me what she made with beads and I fell in love with it.

What is your specialty? (What materials, stitches, techniques etc) do you feel you have mastered so far?

I embroider with beads and working with stones; I use almost all kinds of beads really.
Are you primarily into beading when working in this field or do you attempt mixed media (using beads and other materials like leather, fabrics or sculptures etc?)

Mostly I work with beads for my jewelry, but sometimes I use beads for garment sewing, knitting and macrame as well

Is there any one person (Artists, friends, family etc) that has been a big source of inspiration for you specifically in relation to this field?

For me the biggest inspiration was my friend Olga Dillow; her and her work. Olga has been very supportive of me in my endeavors, gave advice and suggestions. I love her work and I really wanted to learn to also work with beads and now even after 7 years, she is still the first person that I turn to for advice or criticism of my work.

What is your ultimate aspiration in this field?

To just keep learning more and getting better.

Have you ever participated in any major projects or contests before?
No, I have never taken part in major projects and competitions. I find the idea useful though, I think it plays an important role in publicizing, plus the exposure and contact with other artists can help enlighten me on how to price my creations based on quality and everything it entails.

Is this media your primary vocation, your second job or simply a hobby?

Right now it is only a hobby I greatly enjoy but I do sell my work.

Where can an interested client find your work to buy?

I show case on my facebook page HERE and I receive orders there as well. Simply convo me if you see anything you like or want something made to your specification.

Why did you agree to participate in the FOE 13 project?

I wanted to put myself out there, and I found the idea of a project involving a variety of Artists from all over the world interesting.

Tell us more about yourself – anything at all that you are comfortable sharing. We all want to know our favorite artists as intimately as they would let us know them and you are no exception.

I'm probably not the most interesting person. My my dignity is important to me, and so are my 5 children. I am a housewife, I work, then I go home to my children and needlework. A simple and carefree life.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you that having had the opportunity of working with Yuliya and seeing some of her work, it has been an honour for me. Do drop by soon to see some of her work for yourself. You will be amazed at the talent of this humble woman.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Hello Everyone. Do you recall this post about the Artist OLGA DILLOW? Well, I have been itching for a chnce to share more of her work with you all and alas! Here it is....and don't forget yo view to the very bottom because that is where I will have links to her shop and her contact details.

When I saw this piece for the first time, I was stunned. The artistry and creativity hidden behind the almost monochromatic colour, to me was pure genius. This very piece, in 2009 it is I think, also won the Grand Prize Gold Medal prize for the Firemountaingems and beads competition. This category, if I am not mistaken was entered for the seed beads category. I am sure you will agree that the prize was well deserved.

I had asked Olga for the inspiration behind her work and in her very humble way, she simple stated, and I quote her "Unfortunately for those who expect to hear some beautiful story about fanciful creativity or decoration, I will have to disappoint, for I cannot say anything fanciful in that regard. For me, new ideas arise as sprouts from seeds of plants: the time they were born. What is the impetus. Sometimes just understanding that it's time to do something new, sometimes fad buyer, sometimes the desire to make something better than what is available and sometimes it is simply  in the participation in competitions. What inspires me? Everything around me is one way or another, some form of inspiration to create."

This piece looks simply regal to me.

I really wonder what even, sight or feeling birtghed the creation of this one. I mean just look at this stunning piece!!!

This piece is such a statement item I can actually see Iris Apfel wearing it, I really do.
Here is another stunning piece. I best let the piece speak for itself.

Do you know she does mixed media as well? Well now you do. I love the way her choice of beads gave some life and activity to plain black leather.

The intricacy and details of this one leaves me reeling in delight and this very piece has graced the cover of the Firemountaingems catalog too.

And here is the very Talented OLGA DILLOW wearing one of her very own creations. A subtle flame-like pendant but still in its own right very unique and pone of a kind. Itr has been a delight to work with Olga and I am so looking forward to more projects with her in future.

You can simply follow this link to her SHOP and see what you may find. She accepts custom orders, so you can drop her a line with your specific request.

She is also on facebook, so do friend her, and follow her work and progress HERE. She is a delight indeed.

Thank you all for reading through. Until next time. Remain blessed.