Saturday, 13 February 2016

Hidden Artists - Featuring Andrew Francis.

I have decided to do a series called Hidden Artists. The aim is to feature artists whose works I feel are worth sharing. Some artists are lucky enough to get the exposure they deserve for their works, but the bulk of them remain obscure for the most part. It is a shame because there are so many beautiful pieces of Art out there we need to be enjoying may never come across. This Blog is going to be one of many series, covering artists from various fields whose works should be admired and whose creativity should inspire . I hope by sharing my finds on this blog, you all will appreciate the artists and their work as much as I do. Art is the essence of us all after all. I read a quote by an unknown author that said "the EARTH without ART is simply EH"
" so here is to making the Earth complete!

Today's Artist is Andrew Francis of AFrancisPottery. He creates a whimsical collection of mostly kitchen ware. I was a lucky recipient of one of his mugs about 4 years ago. It was build with the bottom slightly wider than the brim, I liked the way it looked and I thought it was an unusual shape for a mug, but I didn't think further about the design till I started to use it and soon realized that it kept the heat of my tea longer than my regular mug did. It turns out that Andrew doesn't just make pottery in whimsical shapes, he considers its usefulness and engineers that into the design. The wider bottoms allowed for room to hold enough liquid but the narrower top keeps the temperature in there longer. Use that mug with a sleeve for extra insulation and you might as well be drinking out of thermos!

This is Andrew (He hates having his photo up online so I hope I don't get sued for this - fingers crossed.) He also didn't provide a blurb for his bio but gave me permission to use the one in his ETSY SHOP and I quote

"All pottery is hand made on a foot-powered potter's wheel - that's right, I kick to create this work. This is genuine 'thrown' or 'turned' pottery, not produced in molds. It was created using traditional English, American and Japanese pottery techniques, materials and glazes. Most pottery is high temperature stoneware or porcelain - this means that it is the most durable pottery you can buy". 

Can you tell Andrew isn't keen on being known on a personal level? It's only about his kitchenware, so let's get to them!!

Tea Pots (All currently for Purchase)

Up close. Designed and Made by Andrew Francis

From the Top

The Spout

The back with Andrew's logo branded on the kettle

Another kettle designed and made by Andrew

They come in all shapes and sizes

This Awesome Chalice was made specially for me as a wedding present by the Artist himself!! I drink EVERYTHING in it, including tea. Something about using it makes me feel like a medieval royal.

Adorable Saki cups designed and made by Andrew

What do you know? Another gift for yours truly by the Artist, I asked for an ugly swine bank and got this cutie instead, so I gave her pearls and named her Marla.

Yes, I sip my tea from an Original Andrew Francis tea cup while I write this blog. Don't be put off by the lack of info about the artist, he is not as unfriendly as I make him come across. Visit his SHOP and WEBSITE to see more of his work. His prices are incredibly affordable for the quality of work he produces. And he takes custom orders too so don't be shy if you don't find something ready to ship. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise. Share this blog, leave a comment and come back soon for a feature on another Artist. Keep creating.