Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I have been thinking a lot lately about how to map out the next step of our project. All  but one contract have been submitted which means I have everyone's location and should be able to assign bits to everyone. The only delay I have considered really is the distance between us and the nature of the project we have at hand. 

I must admit, when I proposed the idea, I didn't thoroughly consider what it would mean to each participant, receiving the work, adding their bit and forwarding it to the next person, I didn't consider that the heavier/bigger the item got, the more it would cost to send it out, and everyone will be allotted the same amount to do their bit.

So while considering how to manage this fairly, I was delighted when Megan (one of our participants) brought my attention to a blog that had successfully carried out a project quite similar to the FOE we are about to carry out. I was super excited to see it, simply because of its beauty and especially because it was not created by only one person but a group of talented people from all over Poland, then put together by the project coordinator.

Seems to me there, our problem is solved!!!

It is delightful to find artists across the globe having a common idea for different projects. This idea was not originally mine. As I had already shared with Megan (who was OK with me sharing this link with the rest of you), I can’t (won't) claim total originality, the idea came to me after I got invited by a group of artists some years back to participate in a collaborative piece, but unlike what we will be doing, what I was invited into was going to be a water colour painting. Unfortunately that project didn't take hold because the originator/sponsor found it too expensive after calculating the cost of mailing from one person to another. Still, the idea of having ONE item created by MANY artist was so inviting that I have harbored the dream of doing something like that, but affordable.

What ‘reminded’ me again to give it a go, was partly the monthly Etsy Bead Weavers' Challenge’s and some talk show I saw on You tube about freedom of expression 2 years ago, so I thought to give it a go. I am excited to see that the idea isn't totally alien after all! This makes me even more excited about ours!

Ours will be worked with beads, so it shall be slightly different from this but it is so encouraging to see that individuality can come together in a common art and speak so loud. I want this to be an encouragement to us for what we are about to embark. And may the freedom of our individual expressions be spoken as loudly.

Monday, 4 March 2013


We are happy to have you visit us.

We believe a little introduction is in order. This page was created specifically to launch the first of many artistic projects expressing individuality and the freedom of artistic expression.The first project will be a collaboration between a dozen artists from various locations around the world. The idea is to create ONE ITEM. One item will be worked on and mailed out to the next person to add their contribution to it, and then pass it forward until within the span of 12 months (one year) the item should be completed by all participating artists. The idea is simple; to allow various artist share their individuality in a common project, which is why we will be working without a script. 

The reason is simple: it is aimed to challenge participants to portray their individuality in a group scenario.The proposed start date for this one is 1st May 2013 and we shall simply call it F.O.E 13. 

We shall launch the project with a blog posting on that very date (May 1st 2013), by introducing all participants. We shall also post a photo of the first item that will be the foundation of this project (The very item we will all add our individuality unto).

In the months to follow we will blog about how it is evolving and what it is saying to us through its metamorphosis.  And in between the blog reports, we shall also have individually assigned posts to all participants; featuring them in an interview about their art in all its aspects. We will also provide links to their websites, blogs and shops, to be sure you don't miss out on all the goodies they are about.

Hopefully, a year from the start date of the project, we will have the grand finale; showcasing the completed work with a synopsis of all the changes it went through. The item will then be auctioned and you shall all be invited. 

All proceeds from this project will go right back into it. This is the first in a series we hope to continue. Therefore part of the proceeds will go towards the very next project* in the series and the rest will go towards the publication of an ebook (about the maiden project), which each participant will be entitled to a free copy of. 

*Future projects may not necessarily be bead related. This is a place for artists from every field. Stay with us through this journey and enjoy the learning experience of individuality coming together in an agreeable way. INDIVIDUALITY IS GREATLY ENCOURAGED HERE.

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