Monday, 12 May 2014


Hello People,

Remember Adrienne Szabo? I featured her HERE.  And as promised, here is a display of her wonderful creations. Enjoy.

Jewelry set by Adrienne Szabo

Necklace by Adrienne Szabo

Necklace by Adrienne Szabo

Necklace by Adrienne Szabo

Work in Progress by Adrienne Szabo

Necklace by Adrienne Szabo

Work in progress by Adrienne Szabo

Bracelet by Adrienne Szabo

Bracelet by Adrienne Szabo

I purposely chose not to do a commentary on these piece because I feel that the variety of texture, colour and style speak for themselves. I find is simply amazing that a little twist in the Kumihimo can create a totally different look. Adrienne seems quite comfortable and knowledgeable of this cool Japanese technique.

With this link you have access to more of her work and can also order a custom made piece or set
And if you are in the area follow this link because you can also take one of her classes to learn this beautiful technique.

Working with Adrienne was such a pleasure and I feel greatly humbled to have learned more about her work and creative process, I hope you all did too. In the coming days. You all will get to read more about this project.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

FOE 13

A year ago, this happend; ADRIENNE SZABO, CAROL DEAN SHARPE, CHRISTINE WILSON, ELIANA MANIERO, JACQUIE CHAMPION, MEGAN THOMAS, NAAN POCEN-FRANCIS (Project coordinator), OLGA DILLOW, REGINA JIRON, SVETLANA SAMETE and YULIYA ROITBOURD all came together on a collaboration that started here in Maryland (USA). With one floral focal piece that I created. It traveled to some European countries, then to Australia, then to Canada and back to several states in the USA and finally to Maryland where it all began.

This blog is NOT about the process of this creation (that shall come in another blog). This blog is simply the big reveal. All artists that participated in this project (except me) didn't know what the piece looked like before they received it, and had no idea what it looked like after it left them (again, all of that info will come in another blog). So with no further ado, I present to you all FOE 13.

 FOE 13 (a collaboration by 11 artists).