Friday, 14 March 2014


Hi Everyone, when I introduced Christine Wilson to you all on THIS BLOG, I was itching for time to pass so that I can return and introduce you to some of her art and here it is. Enjoy.

The caption pretty much says it all although I must add, what a magnificent piece for a first!

This beauty makes me want to drink as many beers as I can, if only to free the caps for creations such as this. I am amazed at how Christine takes a seemingly simply reject (bottle cap) and gives it a new life. 

There is a certain touch of elegance in these items. I keep looking at them and keep wondering how did she make them? I guess it really doesn't matter does it? It is good enough that someone came up with the creativity of making beautiful items from everyday objects.......Still, I certainly would love to see the process of making one of these; they are gorgeous.

Christine is a girl of many Talents and you can tell by her creations. This piece is simply awesome!

I like the way she uses vibrant lively colours. It makes you want to wear them all the time. The good thing is her pieces can be worn with any and everything. I wish I have more to show you. Alas, good things must come to an end. Notwithstanding, head on to her online presence and feed your eyes, or better yet, place an order and get yourself one of these custom made beauties.

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Again, I want you all to meet the Artist behind the gorgeous works.

Christine Wilson of BrewedAdornements

Monday, 3 March 2014


  Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce CHRISTINE WILSON, one of the talented Artists that worked with me on the FOE 13 Project. I hope you enjoy learning more about her. I did.

What is your name and where are you from?

I am Christine Wilson, Brewed Adornments, Novi Michigan USA

     How long have you been practicing your art? 
      10 years now.

        Is this (beading) the only form of art you do or are there more? 
       I’ve played with several art forms including painting, embroidery and quilting

      When did you decide to work in this particular (beading) media? 

      After I made my first bracelet, I was irrevocably hooked and have been beading ever since.

      What made you decide to?  

      Beading is relaxing and rewarding and allows a personal self-expression I had not experienced before.

       How rewarding has it been so far? 

     I’ve been published in Beadwork Magazine and will have two more articles in 2014.  However, the main reward comes from the unique and talented artists I have engaged with in and out of this field over the past couple of years.  I continue to evolve and am so amazed at the talent and generosity of spirit that exists in the creative world.

     What is your specialty? (What materials, stitches, techniques etc) do you feel you have mastered so far? 

      I do not choose to specialize and enjoy mixing beadweaving with metal work and employing skills I pick up from both.  When I can combine a bit of quilting or painting, I’m truly happy.  It’s such a great feeling to use a tool or a supply in more than one discipline.

      Are you primarily into beads when working in this field or do you attempt mixed media (using beads and other materials like leather, fabrics or sculptures etc? 

      I’m evolving more and more into mixed media.  I love that the fabrics I purchased for quilts can be utilized in my jewelry creations as well as vice versa.

      Is there any one person (artists, friends, family etc) that has been a big source of inspiration for you specifically in relation to this field? 

     It’s hard to name just one person, but I owe a great deal of thanks to the instructors that have visited the Great Lakes Beadworkers’ Guild and shared their knowledge and advice over the years.  Early on in my explorations, Laura McCabe and Wendy Witchner provided inspiration and instruction and my more current work owes a great deal to Mary Hettsmansperger, Tracey Stanley and Anne Mitchell .

     What is your ultimate aspiration in this field?  

    To continue to grow as an artist, learning and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

    Have you ever participated in any major projects or contests before? 

   I periodically enter blog challenges but no major contests as of yet.

    Is this media your primary vocation, your second job or simply a hobby? 

   My primary vocation is that of mother but art  plays a close second.

   If you do sell your work, where can an interested client find it to buy? And if you don’t sell it, will you be interested in showing your creation anyway?

Retail Stores

Why did you agree to participate in the FOE 13 project? 

    I find projects such as these to be rewarding personally.  They help me grow as an artist and challenge me to try new techniques.   I’ve done collaborative pieces in quilting in the past, but this is my first collaborative bead project.

Tell us more about yourself – anything at all that you are comfortable sharing. We all want to know our favourite artists as intimately as they would let us know them and you are no exception. 

     I began life in Anchorage Alaska but grew up in a small town in central Indiana.  Before retiring to raise my daughter, I enjoyed a fulfilling career as a financial analyst.  I approach projects with that background, seeking solutions to construction problems.  I tend not to preplan a piece, but create as I go.  Sometimes this leads to problems, but the solution is often when I am my most creative.

     I must tell you all, the interview with Christine ended too soon but it was fun learning more about her. Now I am itching to share with you images of some of the amazing work by this artist, however, I will have to resist. But I shall have them up very soon so do return and see for yourself. In the meantime, follow the links provided above and have a look at what she is all about. You will love it, I promise, and do come back soon for more. Have a blessed day you all.