Friday, 14 March 2014


Hi Everyone, when I introduced Christine Wilson to you all on THIS BLOG, I was itching for time to pass so that I can return and introduce you to some of her art and here it is. Enjoy.

The caption pretty much says it all although I must add, what a magnificent piece for a first!

This beauty makes me want to drink as many beers as I can, if only to free the caps for creations such as this. I am amazed at how Christine takes a seemingly simply reject (bottle cap) and gives it a new life. 

There is a certain touch of elegance in these items. I keep looking at them and keep wondering how did she make them? I guess it really doesn't matter does it? It is good enough that someone came up with the creativity of making beautiful items from everyday objects.......Still, I certainly would love to see the process of making one of these; they are gorgeous.

Christine is a girl of many Talents and you can tell by her creations. This piece is simply awesome!

I like the way she uses vibrant lively colours. It makes you want to wear them all the time. The good thing is her pieces can be worn with any and everything. I wish I have more to show you. Alas, good things must come to an end. Notwithstanding, head on to her online presence and feed your eyes, or better yet, place an order and get yourself one of these custom made beauties.

Retail Stores

Again, I want you all to meet the Artist behind the gorgeous works.

Christine Wilson of BrewedAdornements


  1. I love Christine's work! Amazing!!! She is always coming up with something new!!! Way to go, Christine!!!

    1. Christine is a free spirit as well as an artist!

  2. I totally agree; it was an absolute pleasure to have had the chance to work with her and share in her creativity.