Thursday, 2 May 2013

FOE 13 begins.

Hello and welcome to our blog! This post launches the first of many artistic projects expressing individuality and the freedom of artistic expression.

We are beginning this project - FOE 13 - with 10 participants from across the globe.The initial idea was to have 12 artists to work within the span of 12 months but we have had two people quitting at the very last minute and since we don't want to delay the project or cancel altogether, we have decided to make minor adjustments to original plans and go ahead and start!

I am so excited!! The artists participating in the FOE 13 are as follows;

Carol Dean Sharpe
Christine Wilson
Eliana Maniero
Jacquie Champion
Megan THomson
Naan Pocen
Olga Dillow
Regina Jiron
Sveltlana Sametis

These are people whose works I greatly admire and respect and I am sure you all will appreciate them too if you know more about what they do. Which is why every participant will be featured individually, so do drop by and read more about their art, where they are based and who they are!

FOE 13 will be the creation of ONE ITEM. We shall begin with a piece of beaded item which will be mailed from one member to the next to add her impression and pass it forward. Each addition is to be decided by each individual, it is not going to follow a specific pattern or design and there is no limit or restriction besided the request that it would involve beads.

We call the project FOE (freedom of expression) specifically because individuality is important and greatly encouraged and we hope that with this project we can show that harmony can be achieved even with individuality.

Do return in a couple days to witness the launch of this project and watch it evolve.

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