Thursday, 2 January 2014


Happy New Year!

It had been a delight to present the young and talented Megan Thompson here. As promised, below are some of her works and what she said about each creation. Enjoy!.

BLUE MOON by Megan Thompson
(Artist's intro to this piece:  This is my 4th soutache piece, a technique I am slowly improving. I made this piece for my own 21st birthday this year in June, where I had a “blue” themed party. I had recently started doing soutache, and I knew I wanted to create an awesome piece for my party. I made the cabochon from polymer clay using mica powders as an accent. The piece features several types of glass beads, and lapis lazuli. Soutache used: royal blue, dark blue, metallic silver.)

MASK by Megan Thompson.

(Artists intro to the item : I made this in 2011 for my sister’s 21st birthday, in which the theme was Masquerade Ball. It took a week of non-stop beading (I didn’t really sleep much that week) (at a normal pace it probably would have taken a month), and features various dichroic glass cabochon and 2 large glass cabochons. Technique: bead embroidery. Seed beads used: silver, blue, teal blue, blue iris, black. It was beaded on, and backed with, felt, and a mask base is sandwiched in between
 to give the defining shape.)
COLOURS OF AUTUMN by Megan Thompson

(Artist's intro to this piece: This bib necklace was my first ever bead embroidery piece. I used the basic pattern for a pendant in The Art of Bead Embroidery by Sherri Serafini and Heidi Kummli, and this is what came out. I was in an Autumn mood at the time so hence the overall theme. This piece sparked the start of my Seasons collection, in which I have/will be making a piece for each of the 4 seasons. Currently I have Autumn (this photo) and Winter (called Winter’s Fingerprints, a snowflake piece, available on my shop)).


(Artist's intro to this piece: Normally I don’t like steam punk, but a challenge I did in a beading group was “Steampunk” so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try it. It was quite difficult to keep in a “steampunk” mood, as my normal style is usually completely different. I had to stop being “nice” with the design, instead completely changing it even though I was entirely uncomfortable with the design as it was so different to what I usually do. But I have been told by several people that it’s one of my best designs, so there you go; maybe I’ll have to give steampunk another go after all. There is a hint of blue coming through, because I love blue and can’t seem to get enough of it :P There are matching abstract butterfly earrings which can be seen in the listing of this piece in my shop).

UNIVERSE By Megan Thompson

(Artist's intro to this piece:  This is my second collar, and by far the better of the two. I’ve always wanted to make a collar. This one is inspired by a star burst, as I found several photos on the internet which look amazing. That, combined with my love of blue goldstone, which to me just seem to reflect the night sky, inspired and gave birth to this creation, which is quite possibly one of my favourite creations so far. There is a colour graduation from the middle to the outside of the collar, which is a mixture of blue iris and goldlined blue seed beads, and black is eventually introduced. There are several blue goldstone cabochons featured in this collar, plus a few black onyx cabochons and 2 purple cabochons. Pearls line the central cab. The colour gradation was really hard to get right and keep together, and therefore this is probably one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever created.)
Megan said "This is a photo of me wearing a bead woven piece called Twisted in Blue Brilliance. Made for a challenge with EBW “totally twisted.” Technique: spiral rope, peyote stitch (clasp, bezel), twisted fringe. This piece has since sold."

It was a total delight to work with Megan. Find her contact details below; for direct sales,.
She can be contacted at
Megan also blogs at which she tried to update when I can.

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