Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Introducing Svetlana Samete Part II

(The Artist calls this item RUNNING WITH WOLVES and she introduces it this way; "We all yearn for pristine. Culture offers not too much choice antidotes to this longing. We were taught to be ashamed of such drives. We let our hair long and used to hide beneath feelings. But during the day and at night behind us lies the shadow Primal Wild Women. Wherever we set foot, the shadow creeping after and - definitely - supported by four legsPh.D. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Cheyenne, Wyoming.")

This presentation is a follow up of my interview with the talented Svetlana Samete. You can see the initial interview here

Interviewer: Is this media (beaded jewelry) your primary vocation, your second job or simply a hobby?

Svetlana: At the moment it is not just my job, that's life.

Interviewer: If you do sell your work, where can an interested client find your work to buy?

Svetlana: I have my own website where I sell my work on the Internet.

(The Artist calls this piece REVOLUTION, and she has this to say about the item (and the wearer I guess...) "She is swift and inevitable, nothing and nobody can stop her!"
Interviewer: Why did you agree to participate in the FOE 13 project?

Svetlana: It was interesting. But I would have chosen to participate at another time because my summer was full a lot of work.

Interviewer: Well, we are glad to have had your participation. We wish you all the best, and we are looking forward to working with you in future when and if you have the time.

P.S. This interview was conducted via email so clarity was impossible on some of the questions due to the artists busy schedule. Nonetheless, this is one talent to admire; I say this for myself of course.